Spaboat: A weekend sailing around Thailand

Hey guys, Couple weeks ago we went on a boat trip in Thailand with our friends… This trip was by far one of the best weekend getaway I did since living in Singapore! Here is my Spaboat review…

We spent the weekend on the Merdeka 3, a 100 feet thai boat, from a company called Spaboat. The Merdeka 3 is the biggest boat of their float and is perfect for a cruise amongst the islands of Phuket. What’s great about this boat is that you can fully rent it for you and your friends. Which also means that you get to decide what you want to do ! Should you sail to Koh Phi Phi or to Krabi? Do you want to party on Koh Phi Phi or on the boat? You choose !

Tell me more !

Sure ! Well if you go for a weekend on the Merdeka 3, be prepared to chill out and get cosy… The rental of the boat comes with an All-inclusive package: Snorkelling equipment, 3 meals a day, snacks, beers & wine, massage… All of this for 6,000 bath per person (approx. $245 sgd). For experiencing it, I can tell you that the food is great on-board and that you get to decide rather you want the chef to cook spicy or non-spicy ;-). You are also welcomed to share your dietary restrictions before the cruise.

View from the top of spaboat

Do I get a bed on-board though?

No worries, the boat has 6 cabins with king beds, offering enough space for 14 pax. If you are more than 14 pax for the weekend, fear not, your additional friends can sleep on the deck. The deck offers comfy mattresses and your friends can enjoy the slight breeze of the sea ! Note that you can be up to 30 people on the boat, but I suggest that you keep it to a maximum of 20. Also, additional pax that will sleep on the deck will pay a discounted price of 3,000 bath each.

What to do during the weekend ? 

Just do what’s on this list and when you are done repeat once more:

  • Enjoy a massage from the masseuses on board
  • Snorkel into clear blue water filled with fishes of all colours
  • Hop on one of the two kayaks to go explore the nearby island
  • Enjoy the local food cooked by the Chef on board
  • Take a nap on the upper deck while enjoying the breeze of the sea
  • Jump from the top of the boat
  • Party until the sun rises over the sea…

Trust me, you won’t regret to get on-board for a weekend away ! We loved our experience so much that we already booked the boat for a second weekend in 2018…

Merdeka Spaboat


Breakfast on Spaboat

Snorkelling from Spaboat

Sunset over Maya Bay Spaboat

Sunset on Spaboat

What are your thoughts ?