Practicing Yoga on the go

Whoever has time to commit to a yoga studio while always being on the go and doing long hours at work? From to Yoga Movement, here are my go to whenever I want to practice!

Yoga Movement

Yoga Movement offers 6 studios around Singapore: Carpenter street, Tanjong Pagar, Orchard 22, Tiong Bahru, Robertson Quay and East Coast. I personally tried Tanjong Pagar, Orchard 22 (quite noisy if you have class in the big room as it faces the street), Robertson Quay (not easily accessible but not with the new downtown line you can reach it easier !) and my favourite, Tiong Bahru (very quiet and in a cosy area).

Each of the studio has its own schedule, offering a wide range of classes, going from basics to power and core. They do also offer hot yoga in all the locations. You can also get towels and bottles of water on the spot, for $1 each.

A single class costs $30 (1hour), but I’d recommend purchasing one of the packages to benefit from lower prices. I usually go for the 20-class pack ($380 – $19/class) or the 10-class pack ($220 – $22/class). Good to know: you can go for your first class and if you decide to buy a package at the end of this one, the first class will be free! All the packages are valid for 6-months and are extendable if you are not in Singapore for a while. (You just need to send them your plane tickets showing that you were abroad for more than 7 consecutive days and voila!).

If you didn’t finish all your classes within the 6-months and if you cannot extend your package… no worries! You can also repurchase a new package and your remaining classes will be added up to your new package.

I try to go to the studio at least once a week (usually on the weekend) but the past few weeks I didn’t find time to commit!

Pros: Choice of studios and classes, Atmosphere of the studios, Good motivating teachers.

Cons: I don’t always feel like doing a full 1-hour class, it’s a bit complicated for me to be on time at the classes, early evening classes are often fully booked a long time in advance.

DoYouYoga is an online yoga community, offering a wide range of classes, tips, contest and more. You can find quite a collection of free video targeting beginners to fierce yogis. It also proposes some meditation classes!

Usually free classes are followed by premium classes, that you can purchase if you wish. You can also participate in challenges, such as the Bikini body challenges (currently on-going), the 14-day yoga body challenge, the 28-day yoga for beginners program, etc. You will have access to a daily video ranging from 15 to 20min, as well as the forum of the community!

I personally purchased some classes from teachers that I really liked and go back to the website here and then, when I want to learn new positions or when I am looking for inspiration.

Pros: Wide choice of classes and teachers, 24-7 availability, online community, fun of accomplishing the challenges, comfort of practicing at home.

Cons: You are alone practicing which can sometime be demotivating and the teacher cannot replace you or give you personal advice.


Bad Yogi

Bad Yogi is an online yogi community for “real people”. Erin Motz is the creator of the concept of making yoga feel non-intimidating, fun and accessible. I discovered about her on, as she was teaching a 30-day yoga challenge. I really loved her style and soon became one of her follower.

She has her own website, where she teaches yoga through videos filmed at her place. She offers more than 100 free classes as well as premium classes (starting at $10). Erin is a true inspiration, as she is teaching us how to love ourselves and she is redefining what being a yogi means. That’s to say, outside of the stereotypes. She is a yoga teacher as well as an influencer. She often writes blog post on her website and is sharing her daily life on Instagram.

Pros: Erin is a great teacher and propose variation of the poses depending on your level, 24-7 availability, choice of classes, comfort of practicing at home, lifestyle advise, proximity with teacher

Cons: Practicing on your own – teacher cannot give personal advice or replace you during positions


What are your thoughts ?