[Review] Fresver Beauty: I tried their $29 facial (usually priced at $400)

Hello ladies,

Since I moved to Asia, I started to pay more attention to my skin. I look into having a good hydration, UV protection and I do weekly face masks with some of my favorite products… I also discovered the pleasure of facial treatment and now get one every month !

Thanks to Entertainer, I primarly discovered the facial from Jurlique that I particulary love. I also keep on trying other salons now and then when they offer attractive discounts or new technology. Recently my attention was brought to Fresver beauty. It is offering its signature facial for $29 instead of the usual $400. At first, the deal sounded too good to be true. So I researched about the salon and actually got to know that the company is running since 1988 ! I also read some nice review and decided to give it a shot.

My experience

I booked my facial at the Tiong Bahru outlet, located in Tiong Bahru plaza. Note that they have many location across SG. The salon is well located and looks very spacious. At my arrival, many ladies where here to welcome me. I gave them my NRIC for registration and took a seat in one of the numerous sofa available. You can also walk around the salon and discover some of the products that are displayed for sale.

After couple minutes, one of the lady asked me to come into a room, where I had to fill in a survey about my skin condition and my expectations from the facial. The lady then proceeded to analyse my skin using a machine that kinda zoomed in into my skin. She told me about my skin type and the different issues that she noticed. She took this opportunity to try to up-sell me some services for the facial for an additional $68, that I politely declined.

The lady then explained to me that the therapist that would take care of me is from China and thus doesn’t speak much English. She said that if any issues, I could ask her to translate anything. I think that’s a bit easier said than done, as I wasn’t gonna stop my facial to ask for her to come into the room and translate what the therapist would say to me ;-). Anyway, after this, the therapist took me to the other side of the salon, reserved for treatments. She asked me to put my belongings to a locker and took me to my room. I changed into the outfit they gave me and I was ready to get started!

Review of the facial

The treatment started with aroma essential oil coupled with a scalp and face point massage. It is a very nice way to start the treatment as it allows you to relax and set your mind for the next hour and a half of treatment that will follow. The therapist then proceeded to a double cleansing to remove makeup and any debris. Now that my face was clean, the actual treatment could start ! It was comprise of the below step:

An Enzyme exfoliation with papain fruit, which is good for skin renewal: Nothing much to say here, I was fairly satisfied. It felt like any other exfoliation I’ve done and wasn’t too agressive for the skin.

An Hydro oxygen mist, to hydrate the skin and open pores: Same here, nothing particular about this step of the treatment, as I am used to have it in any facial. The only thing I’ve noticed is that it was rather short (<5 min).

An extraction: The therapist was skillful and soft but I had the impression that she missed out on a whole side of my face – maybe by lack of time ?

An antibacterial treatment zap, to kill bacteria and prevent inflamation: to be honest, during the treatment I had no idea what was this step as the therapist couldn’t explain it to me in English. I figured out afterwards what it was and what was it good for. Actually it is a very good thing to have in your treatment if you have large pores, have some small pimples. A high frequency electrode is applied to the skin and helps to kill bacteria, prevent inflamation and thus fight acne. I would definitely ask to have it again in my next facial. Fear not, this isn’t painful at all ! (see picture below)

Antibacterial treatment zap

An eyebrow trimming: Well this was bizarre… the therapist asked me if I was okey for her to trim my eyebrows and I said yes.. but it wasn’t a trimming, it was a shaving with a mini razor.. if I would have known better I would have said no. What’s the point of shaving ? You know it will grow back in 2 days… Anyway, that was the WTF moment of the treatment. If you go there, ask to skip this step…

An EMS infusion with vitamin and hyaloronic serum, which is then massaged using a particular tool to illuminate the skin and rehydrate skin cells: This step of the treatment was very nice ! Based on my skin type, I had to use the cold machine, which felt a bit weird at the beginning but very nice after couple seconds. I loved the texture of the serum applied to my face and extra loved the sensation of the tool massaging my face. The terapist was performing circular movement with it, in order to boost the hydration of the skin and proceed to a lifting. A good point for this step, as the therapist proceeded first with the right side of my face and stopped mid-way to show me the difference between my left and right side ! And yes, I did see a difference ! (see picture below)

EMS infusion treatment

A facial and shoulder massage, to relieve tension and water retention: Overall the massage was good and therapist was skilled. However, I’d say a bit too much cream was used. The therapist kept on adding more and more, I don’t really know why, but that was the first time I had a facial with so much product that wasn’t needed in my opinion.

A hydrolized nano mask, to build up collagen: This mask was very nice. It  was a very cool effect on the skin when applied and really felt good. You could feel it have action on your skin and for me, that’s a big plus !

Some Dewe elixir essence to end the facial, which is good to boost brightness and radiance: This was the last step of the facial, with a very nice elixir to finish up your skin. I loved the smell of it and actually, it was still smelling in the evening when I was cleaning my face at home !

After treatment

After the treatment, I was asked to proceed to a room where I was given some green tea and had to fill in a survey based on my experience. Once done, the same lady that welcomed me came to the room and tried to sell me some packages of the salon. Even though I was overall happy with the treatment, I told her that I would first need to see some results before to make a decision. In my point of view, after a facial, I will see clear results only after couple days. Is my skin looking nicer than usual? Are my pores smaller? Do I look more hydrated? So for me, you’ll have very few chances to make me purchase a package right away after a treatment, as I need sometime to evaluate my satisfaction !

Overall review

The facial at Fresver Beauty is nice. I enjoyed to try some new technologies that I never experimented before, like the antibacterial treatment zap and the hyaloronic serum. So yeah,  if you can get the $29 deal for first timers, you should definitely give it a try !

Would I buy the facial at the usual price of $400? To be honest, no, I wouldn’t. Even though it was a nice experience, I feel that I am not willing to spend that much money on facial. On another note, the salon, the treatment room and the skills of the therapist didn’t deserve a 10/10 (more like a 6 or 7/10). I would expect excellence for a treatment at this price.

However, the salon is offering some package of 5 facials at approximately $400 for customers that come in and try the $29 deal – this, I might consider doing depending on the results I will see 😉 ! And only if they don’t touch my eyebrows anymore … 😉

If you want to give a try to this facial treatment, you can simply Whatsapp <TSL29>, <your name>, <your preferred branch, date, time> to 9381 1977. This is valid only for new customers 21-65 years residing in Singapore. This promo ends the 31st of March (If you cannot do it before the end of the month, don’t worry they often have this kind of promo for new customers!)

And you, have you ever tried their services? What is your opinion ? Would you do a $400 facial?

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