Why you should get the Entertainer App if you haven’t already

Update (find full article below)!

You can already purchase Entertainer Singapore 2018 at an early bird price of $95 for a limited time! The early bird purchase includes in addition:

  • Cheers Singapore 2018 – 1-for-1 offers for drinks at the best restaurants, bars, and nightspots across Singapore
  • Bali 2018 – 1-for-1 offers at restaurants, attractions, bars, beauty spots, and spas across Bali
  • ENTERTAINER Getaways, a brand new in-app booking engine which offers exclusive rates on over 550,000 hotels worldwide

Entertainer 2018

Please note that Entertainer decided to cancel its referral program. I am thus unable as of now to share with you the discount code. Apologies for this !

Hey guys,

We’ve been using the Entertainer App since April and want to give the first review as it’s almost been 6 months now! We – as my bf and I – decided to purchase the app as it was recommended to us by several friends. I mean, who doesn’t want to enjoy some one-for-one deals all over the island right? 

Anyway, the app offers a yearly subscription, from 1st January to 31st December of each year. So even if you would purchase the app today, it would still be available only until the 31st of December. The official price is of $125, and as per checking today, you can have it for as low as $75 (40% discount). The app offers around 1,275 one-for-one deals in a variety of restaurants spreads around the island. It also offers 500 offers for hotels around the world (mostly one for one nights!).

FYI, based on the app itself, we saved $371 since we purchased the App (7 months ago)! It has to be noted that the savings stated in the app are actually lower than the reality, as the app base itself on an average price per main meal from the restaurant, not the actual price of the meal you’ve eaten. In any case, with $371 saved, that would mean that we already made a return on investment of about 200%… Which is even bigger if we would take the real prices of meals we paid!

Good to know is that the app doesn’t work during public holidays, eve of public holidays and special days that the restaurants can decide on… Yeah, that’s not always convenient as you tend to forget about it… And they would consider as a public holiday a day you wouldn’t expect, for instance mother’s day… Anyway …

It is very easy to use, just need to tell the waiter/ess when you arrive at the restaurant that you have the app. They will then show you what’s relevant in the menu (normally all the main dishes). You can then enjoy your meal without thinking about it :-). Just need to key in your special code at the payment to redeem your voucher – you enter your code and the restaurant his, and TADA, voucher redeemed!!

You usually get 2 or 3 times the same voucher per restaurants, quite convenient as I personally tend to come back a lot to restaurants I truly enjoy ;-). No worries, if you used all the vouchers of your favourite restaurants, you can always “buy them back”, using the “smiles” that you collected along your journey with the app!

Note:You can buy the same kind of app for one-for-one deals on drinks in a multitude of bars, it’s called Cheers ;-).

Overall review of the Entertainer App

Definitely a must buy app for foodies of Singapore! It makes you save money, while discovering new restaurants around you :-).

Some of the things we tried with Entertainer

Brunch: Wanna Cuppa – Cosy brunch in Clarke quay 




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  1. Hi, the promo code link is not working.

    1. Hi there !
      Unfortunately Entertainer decided to cancel its referral program in 2018…
      Apologies but I am now unable to share with you the promo code link !
      You can however still purchase the app with the early bird price ;-).

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